Black Swan Partners is passionate about helping retail finance companies provide the optimum product, to the right customers to ensure they achieve better financial outcomes.

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Check out our views on all things retail finance and how, at Black Swan Partners, we see markets differently.

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Market Analysis Market Analysis

Combine industry knowledge with market data, research and modelling techniques to identify the correct audiences for new and established products.

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Pricing Pricing

Determine the role of price within your sector, identify customer sensitivities and deliver the optimum pricing strategy for your business.

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Product Innovation Product Innovation

Specify and develop innovative new products and business critical functionality, all within a sound commercial and technical framework.

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Social Functionality Social Functionality

Integrate compliant social media functionality into your retail finance proposition, improving engagement and customer outcomes.

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A prophet is not someone with special visions, just someone blind to most of what others see. NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB