Black Swan Consulting

Black Swan Partners assists operators in the retail finance sector looking to deliver innovative client propositions in an evolving regulatory landscape.  Our four specialist areas are:


Market Analysis

We use multiple data sources to help our clients build an understanding of their target market and audience segments. This includes analysis of existing customers and prospects, commissioned and third party research reports and behavioural data.

Result: Understanding of customers and their needs, targeted products, more effective sales & marketing, and identification of unaddressed audiences

Case Study: Market sizing and segmentation

taxicon Product Innovation

We help companies build market leading and compliant products. Our approach enables companies to deliver products that match their audience needs and lead to better customer outcomes, always staying within regulatory guidelines. We can work within agile, waterfall or hybrid organisations and with internal or external development and commercial teams. Our preference is rapid prototypes and early testing.

Result: Innovative, appropriate and compliant products delivered on time giving our clients a competitive edge

Case Study: Enhanced account opening



We ensure firms have an optimum pricing strategy that will increase customer numbers and maximise revenue whilst being aligned to specific brand values. We develop and help execute new pricing strategies as well as analyse and recommend changes to existing ones.

Result: A better understanding of current and potential clients allows companies to adjust their pricing  to maximise profits from different customer types

Case Study: Confidential


Social Tools

Our clients embrace ‘social’. We understand its value at all stages of the lifecycle, whether social sign on, trade sharing, social referrals or even fraud detection. More importantly for financial firms communicating with retail customers, we understand the regulatory landscape and help companies confidently secure a competitive advantage through this approach.

Result: Compliant use of social media tools to enhance the product proposition and revenue

Case Study: Compliant social media strategy