Black Swan Risk

Black Swan Risk

We are experts in pricing and the analysis of retail trading data. Our insightful approach to pricing creates opportunities for clients who are willing to innovate and challenge established thinking.

These clients have included syndicates seeking to profit from inefficient markets, trading companies wanting to analyse the trading activities of their clients and sports teams seeking tactical innovations to help them win. The common feature is their confidence to see things differently.

Pricing Services

  • Extensive pricing services for cricket, football, greyhounds and tennis. Similar services for golf, rugby union and NFL are in development.
  • Analysts combine technical expertise in probability analysis with expert sporting knowledge necessary to separate ‘the signal from the noise’. They also have the curiosity and willingness to see things differently.
  • Full written previews and pricing services are available for live football and cricket matches including analysis, probabilities and reasoning.

Technical Infrastructure

Black Swan Partners also provides the technical infrastructure to help clients capitalise on insights from data analysis.

  • Cloud based databases, using Amazon’s services including, RDS, S3 and EC2.
  • 24/7 remote access.
  • Bespoke trading tools and API access to trading platforms and exchanges.

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